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"Since 2009, True Companions by Hoover-Boyer Funeral Homes Inc. has been providing pet loss services to the residents of central Pennsylvania. We operate an exclusive pet crematory on-site at our Elizabethville location, so you can trust that your pet is being cared for by our own Funeral Professionals. We’re pet lovers ourselves, so we understand that for most of you, your pet is considered to be very much a part of your family. Coping with the loss of a pet is difficult, and we understand how deeply it can affect you and your family. Caring for your departed animal can be a healing and cathartic act, and we can help you to give your beloved pet the dignified farewell and attention that he or she deserves. True Companions offers two types of cremation services, as well as an array of merchandise that can help you memorialize your loving companion. Below is a brief description of our two types of cremation: Private and Communal.





Private Cremation

Private, also known as individual cremation, is a process where only one pet is present in the cremation chamber, similar to the process used for human cremations. After cremation, we remove your pet's cremated remains from the chamber and return them to you in an urn. 



Communal Cremation

Communal cremation is for pet owners who do not wish for their pet's cremated remains to be returned to them, but would still like their pet’s remains to be cared for in a dignified and loving way. In this process, multiple pets are cremated together, and their cremated remains are retained by True Companions. Eventually, the cremated remains from communal cremations are scattered by our staff, on private land nearby. 

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