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You do not need to belong to any type of society or group to have cremation as an option. Our facility includes everything needed for a cremation service, and your loved one never leaves our care! Our on-site crematory is run by our staff only, and you never need to worry about how your loved one is handled because everyone in our care is handled with respect, dignity, and exceptional care. Call us with your questions.


Hoover-Boyer Funeral Homes, Inc. provides dignified cremation options to meet the personalized desires of families if cremation is their choice. Though not a complete list of the cremation services we provide, the following are several options available:


  • Chapel Service - A contemporary or religious ceremony can be scheduled in the funeral home chapel with the cremated remains present in an urn of choice.
  • Church Service - A church Memorial Celebration can be personalized with special family photographs and memorabilia if such services fit the faith and practice of the congregation.
  • Graveside Service - A gathering as cremated remains are interred is one of several options.
  • Memorial Service - Memorial Registry Books, Memorial Service folders and Flag cases can personalize the service or ceremony of your loved one.


Cremation is only one option, in a long list of available services, for those who have died. When held in comparison to burial, cremation can (and often is) combined with traditional viewings, funerals, and other choices. Cremation does not remove these options, but rather it is encouraged to consider it as an alternative to the committal or burial while choosing many other options.


We recommend having the discussion with your loved ones, long before a death occurs to ensure that other understand your choices, and more importantly, why you would choose particular options.



  Cremation and Disposition Authorization Form (PDF)


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